Price: $428,500.00 USD 

  • 3,750 hrs.
  • NEW 2 Piece Demolition Boom with 60' Max reach + Tool
  • 2.5 kg Attachment/Tool Allowance 
  • Transport Joint for easy removal/changeout of boom/front on site
  • NEW Standard Excavating Front with 2-Position Boom Stub. This front can be used in two configurations (1) "Arch Boom" as a standard excavating boom OR (2) "Straight Boom" for higher reach capabilities in demolition applications. 
  • Free Standing Steel Boom Stand for each front. 
  • Additional Counterweight - 7,000 lbs. - Installed as a "Sandwich" type weight between the OEM counterweight and machine frame for a very clean finish.  Frame extension to extend the factory weight back an additional 6".
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics fully plumbed on all fronts 
  • Low Flow Rotation Hydraulics plumbed on all fronts
  •  Case Drain Line plumbed on all fronts 
  • Full Cab protection Canopy (FOPS - Frame Mounting - Non-Certified - Cab Protection Only
  • Remote grease lines for easy greasing of all boom points from ground level
  • Custom LED Lighting (Cab mounted light bar) 
  • Rear View Camera (Viewed in main monitor) 
  • OEM Caterpillar Boom Lock/Safety Valves. These prevent the demolition front from falling uncontrolled to the ground should a hydraulic hose or seal fail.
  • Ball Valve line termination at the end of the stick for easy change-out of tools.
  • Strengthened side D-Rails using 1/2"x6" Steel Angle Iron to prevent contact with the machine doors and side panels, finished with Tough Liner industrial finish.
  • Narrow Gauge single grouser track pads for demolition 

Repairs Completed

  • Complete machine inspection of all components, functions, and compartments
  • Fresh Engine Rebuild (OEM Components)
  • Updated High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • New Pistons, and Liners (Cat OEM Cylinder Packs)
  • New Gaskets and seals throughout
  • New Engine Oil Pump
  • New Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Cylinder Head Tested & Decked 
  • Fully Serviced - All necessary Fluids, Filters, and Lubrication
  • Hydraulic pressures for ALL circuits were tested with a manual pressure gauge, and adjusted to specification for maximum Power, Performance, and Efficiency.
  • Track Tension measured and adjusted to spec. 
  • Cab controls adjusted to eliminate any loose play, and ensure immediate function reaction.
  • Cooling System pressure tested, and inspected thoroughly. 
  • Swing system tested, and lubricated. Play measured and found to be within specification.

2014 CAT 336EL high reach EXCAVATOR,


Shear Power Corp. has designed this 2-piece demolition package to make this excavator the most versatile machine in your fleet! Safely demolish 3-4 storey buildings in a controlled manner with the 60' High Reach Demolition front. This will give your operator the ability to wreck, sort, and load with ease. The 2 Position standard excavating front can be installed easily on site using the supplied stands, and fast/reliable hydraulic connections. Run this front in the "Straight Boom" position for an additional 10' of reach, or quickly change to the standard "Arch Boom" to match the geometry of a typical excavation front.


Demolition Equipment & Specialty Attachments