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HKD Dust Suppression Systems 

Hkd BLUE V 500-T Dust Suppression system

Unlike traditional dust control cannons, HKD Blue machines haveVariable Flow Technology (V-Flow) to more efficiently solve your dust control needs. This allows the user to fully calibrate the gun’s performance based on present conditions. HKD Blue’s proprietary central nozzle controls water flow, spray pattern, droplet size, and throw to optimize performance in dynamic conditions. For maximum distance, a narrow spray pattern with higher flow allows you to control dust up to 250’ away. Decrease the flow via remote, or increase the spray angle to catch dust closer to the machine. For fine dust within 40’ of the machine, activate the standard outer misting ring. 

Our technology effectively controls dust at demolition sites, mines, dry-bulk handling ports and terminals, aggregate facilities, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

This Unit comes with a 1 year warranty. This model is our compact skid unit. It is designed to fit in the bed of a standard long-box pick-up truck, allowing the user to rig up their own self-contained unit by towing the required 60KW generator for power. The unit is forklift friendly, and can be lifted by a crane via the barrel ears.

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Hkd BLUE V-500s Dust Suppression system

This Unit comes with a 1 year warranty, 25HP fan, 25 HP booster pump, our Variable Flow Central Nozzle, outer misting ring, onboard pressure washer, and full  remote control functionality. The V 500-T comes on a 7’x 6’ DOT certified galvanized trailer which is ideal for maneuverability from one job site to another.    

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Hkd BLUE V-500GT Dust Suppression system

Hkd GEYSER Dust Suppression system

This Unit comes with a 1 year warranty. This model is designed for fixed dust emissions locations such as dry bulk storage areas and loading terminals, recycling yards, or aggregate facilities. Available on a 20’ tower, the V-Flow 500 FX can achieve more than 250’ of distance with all the benefits of our Variable Flow central nozzle and remote control functionality. When multiple units are required for complete coverage, the V-Flow 500 FX’s can be completely automated with centralized computer control.

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This model is designed for complete high reach dust control. It will piggy-back off the 25HP pump standard on all V-500 series equipment. Working with a V-500, the GEYSER projects an atomized mist to catch dust at the source, while the V-500 corrals dust from falling debris as it hits the ground.The GEYSER has remote control variable flow capabilities ranging from 5 to 80 gallons per minute, and adjustable spray patterns for reach distances of 5 to 30 feet.

This Unit comes with a 1 year warranty. This model is the ultimate dust control solution. A 7’x15’ galvanized trailer supports the 60KW genset, aluminum storage box, onboard pressure washer, along with the central nozzle, and powered by a 7.5 HP compressor. standard outer misting ring. This is an elite dust control machine.

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Hkd BLUE V-500FX Dust Suppression system